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Oral presentations are short talks that may be given individually or as part of a panel or group discussion.  Researchers often prefer oral presentations over poster sessions and other formats because many view them to the prestigious option.  There are several types of oral presentations:

Tracked Session Presentations: These sessions at conference primarily include completed research or scholarly work. The presentations will be grouped by topic or theme into sessions that include several related presentations. This facilitates audience attendance and organizes topics at the conference.



Poster presentations are opportunities for a larger number of researchers to present their research in the form a visual poster presentation. The posters are large (often 70x90cm) and provide the researcher with enough space to fully summarize their research in an attractive and professional way.  You must provide your own printout of the poster itself. The presenter typically prepares a short oral summary that can be given to those who are interested. Attendees are free to move about the room and examine posters and talk individually to the presenters.  This format does allow the opportunity for a research target those that are genuinely interested and engage them in discussion that often allows for more detail.  Another advantage of this type of format is that researcher can receive valuable feedback from the attendees.

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